Remote Patient Monitoring

HEALTHEFIT is delivering success in RPM

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Positioned for Success!

Supported by the #1 remote patient monitoring platform...HEALTHEFIT can align your practice to be one of the most successful RPM programs.


Remote patient monitoring has quickly become the necessary tool used in providing precise and specific care to those that have been diagnosed with chronic metabolic conditions. A most recent circumstance in the form of a global pandemic has spotlighted RPM as an advancement in the way healthcare can be delivered.

Improve your patient's quality of care by giving them better access to you, and you to them between regularly scheduled appointments. Gain a more comprehensive understanding of everyday happenings as related to that patient's diagnosis by capturing real-time data. Resulting in more accurate medication adjustments, less emergency room visits, and hospital admissions.

How's it done?

Through the #1, and easy to use software, HEALTHEFIT'S service and equipment fulfils the care-value demand on every level of healthcare. Whether it be an individual practice, group practices and ACOs, or other specialized partners looking to expand their care service model.

Our turn-key RPM platform is just that...a ready to use solution without any hassle. Practices and healthcare partners can begin without any delay at a fair and minimal cost.

Why HEALTHEFIT is the RIGHT choice!

  • Easy to use software, customizable to your practice needs.
  • Increase patient compliance while capturing revenue.
  • Have accessible support to aid with your RPM success.
  • Have the capability to share data when necessary.
  • Reliable, easy to use devices for your patients.

BodyTrace Blood Pressure Monitor

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iHealth Pulse Oximeter

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Smartmeter iGlucose Glucometer


Body Trace Weight Scale