Medical Fitness

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INTRODUCING!! The Medical Fitness Practitioner Certification

Want to help "Raise the Bar" in healthcare? Find out how to become an MFP-C!!

Take a look at the career path waiting for you as a MFP-C. There is a huge need for this

profession across the nation. We have medical practices and physical therapy clinics interested

in adding Medical Fitness to their services for patients. Problem is...there are not enough qualified individuals to meet the demand.

Our Medical Fitness Protocol develops a safe, 100% evidence-based care plan for patients with medical conditions. Our Medical Fitness Practitioners use lab work, genetic interpretation, strength training, flexibility training, cardiovascular training, balance training, functional conditioning, mental health coaching, lifestyle education and continuous assessments to treat and/or manage patients. In addition, our Medical Fitness Protocol is based on the utilization and tracking of health outcome measures to determine the effectiveness of the care plan design combined with nutrition education and application.