Jacqueline Drane RN, MFP-C

For Jacqueline Drane helping others and improving their lives has always been a passion. She turned this passion into her career choice by completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology and getting an Associate of Science in Nursing. There was no turning back for Jackie after she became a Registered Nurse.

She has been positively impacting the lives of her clients by helping them achieve their health outcomes for the past 20 years. During this time, Jackie also found her passion for fitness and started coaching functional fitness classes.

With her experience working as a Registered Nurse and being a fitness instructor, she decided to pursue her love for helping people improve their fitness and health by starting her own Medical Fitness Practice. She is committed to promoting and fostering the operational and developmental success of her medical-based wellness and fitness programs for all clients.

Jackie aims to help, guide, and teach her clients how to gain better control over their physical health by providing them with customized plans and programs to meet their needs and requirements.

“I believe anyone can enhance their level of fitness and improve their health no matter what their age and physical condition. I want to help my clients establish realistic health goals and create a fitness

program that can help them achieve their goals.”

Jackie enjoys assisting her clients in establishing their health and fitness action plans. She finds great satisfaction in seeing her clients achieve their goals. Jackie helps struggling individuals regain their strengths so they can lead healthier and fitter lives.

She believes patients with chronic illnesses can change their lives positively with proper discipline and encouragement to achieve health goals. Jackie lives with chronic illnesses and is in recovery. She knows that exercise and proper nutrition has helped her live a better life.

“I consistently motivate my patients to exercise even if it is walking. I believe the initial consultation is extremely important to determine the health outcomes and goals, as well as helping clients understand

the importance of movement.”

Her main focus when assessing clients is to prioritize their goals, examine their current physical state, and then come up with an actionable plan that could enhance their health while also creating a strong foundation for them. Jackie believes it is important to push clients out of their comfort zone but never unnecessarily.

Her fervor for coaching, fitness, and nursing has kept on increasing all these years. She tries to pass her love for fitness and health to her clients to help them achieve their individual goals and maintain their healthy lifestyles. Jackie provides them with proper discipline, knowledge, and encouragement based on their personalized plan.

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*Accepting all Major Insurances for pre-authorization!

*Currently in the process of gaining Medicare credentialing!