Dawn Wells’ love of physical activity has been a mainstay of her life. As a youth, it propelled her to participate in various school sports including track and cheer. It also led her to proudly serve in both the U.S. Marine Corp Active Duty and Army Reserves. In addition to being a certified and licensed Medical Fitness Practitioner specializing in clinical fitness, Dawn holds several other certifications in wellness coaching, personal training, group fitness, nutrition, sports nutrition training, stress eating, and self-coaching.

Today Dawn’s Medical Fitness practice is commitment to both physical and mental health is complimented through her organizations Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition and DWF Wellness. Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition is a nonprofit that offers healthy exercise and eating programs for the blind and visually impaired. DWF Wellness empowers lifelong healthfulness in clients with its revolutionary Wellness Systems. These innovative systems help clients receive, learn and permanently adopt the science of nutrition, exercise and weight management.

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Medical Fitness

Our Medical Fitness Therapy (MFT) Program develops a safe, 100% evidence-based care plan for patients with medical conditions. MFT uses strength training, flexibility training, cardiovascular training, balance training, functional conditioning, lifestyle education and continuous assessments to manage patients. In addition, our MFT is based on the utilization of functional outcome measures to determine the effectiveness of the program design combined with nutrition education and application.

  • Medical Fitness Enrollment Consultation A clinical assessment based on the medical and health profile that stratifies a patient’s degree of risk and plays an integral part in the Medical Fitness Care Plan.

  • Medical Fitness Examination A clinical analysis of body composition and physical limitations and strengths.

  • Medical Fitness Prescription & Program Design A prescription of physical activity and exercise written specifically based off of the current medical status, goals, and fitness exam outcomes. Designed for optimal safety and health progression using Exercise is Medicine® by American College of Sports Medicine.

  • Personalized Group or Individual Medical Fitness Appointments Appointments with a Medical Fitness Technician that fills the personalized medical fitness prescription while utilizing health-monitoring technologies.

  • DNA Based Nutrition Education and Planning Using genetic testing technology and scientific understanding of the human genome available today, we develop an individually tailored nutrition and exercise program that’s based on and tailored to a patient’s unique DNA.

  • Medical Fitness Evaluations & Reporting Personalized evaluation conducted every four weeks to determine progress during the program to ensure success. Reports are generated and shared with the patient and/or attending physician.

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