Licensed Providers

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Dawn Wells, MFP-C

Dawn Wells love of physical activity has been a mainstay of her life. As a youth, it propelled her to participate in various school sports including track and cheer. It also led her to proudly serve in both the U.S. Marine Corp Active Duty and Army Reserves. In addition to being a certified and licensed Medical Fitness Practitioner specializing in clinical fitness, Dawn holds several other certifications in wellness coaching, personal training, group fitness, nutrition, sports nutrition training, stress eating, and self-coaching.

Today Dawn’s Medical Fitness practice is commitment to both physical and mental health is complimented through her organizations Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition and DWF Wellness. Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition is a nonprofit that offers healthy exercise and eating programs for the blind and visually impaired. DWF Wellness empowers lifelong healthfulness in clients with its revolutionary Wellness Systems. These innovative systems help clients receive, learn and permanently...


HEALTH-E-FIT Indianapolis

Stephanie Braden, MFP-C

With more than 10 years in the fitness industry, Stephanie Braden has flourished in her level of training and skill. Her career successes include achieving the credential of master level trainer with both the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the International Sports Medicine Association (ISSA).

As one who has also suffered from a chronic condition, Stephanie's focus has been on the integration of corrective therapies along with lifestyle and habit changes to help reduce or eliminate chronic conditions and disease symptoms. Stephanie's method includes sharing best practices and tools to help her patients and clients be successful in achieving positive life changing results. Her desire to educate and offer assistive treatment to those suffering from metabolic disease such as diabetes led her to gaining her certification as a Medical Fitness Practitioner. This particular training has allowed her to apply treatments specifically designed to help patients manage their conditions.




Jacqueline Drane RN, MFP-C

For Jacqueline Drane helping others and improving their lives has always been a passion. She turned this passion into her career choice by completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology and getting an Associate of Science in Nursing. There was no turning back for Jackie after she became a Registered Nurse.

She has been positively impacting the lives of her clients by helping them achieve their health outcomes for the past 20 years. During this time, Jackie also found her passion for fitness and started coaching functional fitness classes.

With her experience working as a Registered Nurse and being a fitness instructor, she decided to pursue her love for helping people improve their fitness and health by starting her own Medical Fitness Practice. She is committed to promoting and fostering the operational and developmental success of her medical-based wellness and fitness programs for all clients.

Jackie aims to help, guide, and teach her clients how to gain better control...


HEALTH-E-FIT Hampton Roads

Wendy Wilkerson, MFP-C

Wendy received her BS and MS. Ed. in Exercise Science and Wellness from Old Dominion University. Her passion for helping people with a chronic disease started with her experience in cardiac rehabilitation in southern California. It was in this setting where she learned to thrive in understanding the disease process and how lifestyle changes improved overall wellbeing. As life changes transitioned her from the West coast back east. She started working as a Clinical Exercise Specialist in outpatient physical therapy. Blessed with a particular vision, and struggling to implement that vision in her current setting. This compelled her to open her own wellness facility to empower people to not be defined by their disease. That vision produced Empowerment! Wellness, a wellness facility for people living with Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Always looking for ways to improve her knowledge, Wendy was introduced to a new concept being formed to certify those with a health and wellness background to...