Why Get Licensed?

When you become a Licensed Medical Fitness Provider with HEALTHEFIT, you gain respect as someone dedicated to filling a huge gap between healthcare and fitness. With an automatic stamp of approval to work within healthcare, you’re able to gain referrals from physicians that lead to reimbursement by health insurance companies for your medical fitness services. You become a pioneer in your community while offering value based healthcare as an essential service.

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We require an applicant(s) to be:

  • a Licensed healthcare professional

  • Current or Pending Certified Medical Fitness Practitioner

  • a Business Owner that employs licensed healthcare professionals, or Certified Medical Fitness Practitioners before applying for affiliation.

Proof of Insurance (All Candidates)

All candidates will be required to submit proof of insurance. Insurance can be purchased from a variety of companies. HEALTHEFIT HQ does encourage using the CM & F Group that we think offers the best malpractice insurance for our practitioners. You can read more about the CM&F here. Please see the Insurance section of Affiliation Requirements for more detailed information. You are required to send us a certificate of insurance (COI) with the following information:

  • Comprehensive general liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate.

  • Professional liability coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate.

You will be required to list HEALTHEFIT, LLC. as an additional insured (certificate holder). The address for HEALTHEFIT, LLC as additional insured is:

  • 2209 Fort Belvoir Dr.
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23464

In the box labeled “Description of Operations/Locations…” you must have the following:

  • Must include your Primary address for business operations.

  • The verbiage “Certificate holder added as additional insured.”

HEALTHEFIT is looking for individuals or groups who are passionate about what they do with an overall dedication to administering quality care. We strive to make a difference in our community and give others the opportunity to do as well by becoming HEALTHEFIT Providers.

The HEALTHEFIT Provider License aligns and equips providers with the necessary tools for using exercise as medicine. This credential securely places the provider inside the Medical Fitness industry as to continue the task of making prevention profitable, while improving health outcomes.


Licensing allows you to legally use the HEALTH-E-FIT trademark, and offer HEALTH-E-FIT Medical Fitness in your geographical location. Your practice can easily participate in HEALTHEFIT HQ events. We’ll help you market your practice by placing it on our HEALTHEMATRIX Provider Group and Provider List, where physicians and employers go to find legitimate Medical Fitness Practitioners in their area. Most importantly, you will gain access to health insurance reimbursement and guaranteed patient financing/payments as a recognized healthcare entity.

As a Licensed Medical Fitness Provider, you also get priority access to HEALTH-E-FIT Strategic Partners, and prioritized support from our Leadership and Legal Teams. Your practice will also be considered for features on and social media pages if you send us photos.

What is included in being a HEALTH-E-FIT Provider?

  • Legal use of the HEALTH-E-FIT name, logo, and promotional materials
  • Legal use of the HEALTH-E-HOME (Home Health & Remote Patient Monitoring)
  • Promotion from and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
  • Support from HEALTHEFIT, LLC. on specific and general issues. We vigorously protect our brand and those licensed to use the HEALTH-E-FIT name.

The Medical Fitness Provider License will be a regulated credential, similar to a real estate license. One can be an independent realtor, or work for a large, well-known company like Century 21, for example. Our Medical Fitness Director will appear to the Provider as the keeper of their education, tracking their ongoing education, communicating with them as their renewal date approaches, etc.

The other way we use the term license has to do with permitting an individual/facility to use our branding, and trademarks. This would be similar to an actual Century 21 real estate office, where the licensee designation refers to a facility that does business according to your business model/philosophy, runs your specific programs, has certified Medical Fitness Practitioners employed, and meets all criteria HEALTHEFIT have set.


$5K Individual- Partnership Initial Investment

​Covers legal contracts for license and partnership for ONE person

  • Medical Fitness Practitioner Course
  • Functional Improvement & Restorative Exercise (FIRE) Drill Certification & Training
  • Cover application process for (3) commercial health insurers in your state
  • Welld Health electronic medical record system for one year.
  • Covers initial RPM software system set-up, training and implementation
  • Covers customized digital marketing materials, including flyers, banners and misc. marketing materials
  • A Report of your local area that provides information for potential clients and patient referrals
  • Access to Provider Success Team
  • Gain recognition as an Essential Business

$10K Group/Facility- Partnership Initial Investment

Includes everything in the Individual Investment and covers FIVE Team Members for credentialing.