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Why Become a Medical Fitness Practitioner?

The Medical Fitness Industry thrives with opportunities to expand, acquire new knowledge, and then apply that knowledge to tackle real world issues. It is a shocking fact that although the number of gyms continue to increase, so does the number of individuals dealing with preventable chronic diseases. HEALTHEFIT provides an evidence based solution for you to make an impact within our healthcare system and community while expanding your career in health.


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First thing first, make sure you qualify! If so, you are then encouraged to register for the Medical Fitness Practitioner Certification Course. Where you will be introduced to, and absorb a full course curriculum around the clinical application of the Medical Exercise Therapy protocols and other EXCLUSIVE HEALTHEFIT content. Next, be prepared to take and pass the Medical Fitness Practitioner Certification Exam once the courses are completed. Please complete the Qualification Questionnaire below. **BE SURE YOU MEET ALL QUALIFYING REQUIREMENTS BEFORE SUBMITTING THE QUESTIONNAIRE!

What is the Medical Fitness Practitioner Certification?

It's the criteria of a successful completion of the course curriculum required to clinically practice and administer the Medical Exercise Therapy Protocol.

The Medical Fitness Practitioner is a Health and Fitness Professional with a Medical Mindset. These professionals believe in using medical exercise therapy and lifestyle medicine as forms of treatment and care for patients with chronic medical conditions.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air, and exercise

-Thomas Edison