Time to Get LabSavvy

  • HEALTH-E-FIT has partnered with LabSavvy to empower individuals with personalized, actionable education of your lab test results so you can ask the right questions, make informed decisions, and receive better care while providing medical fitness practitioners an opportunity to accelerated health outcomes through access to the same data used by physicians to make actionable care plans.
  • What are the Benefits?
  • For Patients:
  • The LabSavvy mobile app will provide you with intelligent, personalized, and curated education, based on your age, sex, health factors, predictive analytics, and customizable interests.
  • Build your own team of clinicians, medical fitness, and nutrition experts. You may also invite your own clinicians and health care professionals to collaborate with your team.
  • Track your health progress over time. LabSavvy’s patent-pending tracking system imports and normalizes your results from multiple labs and our partner health programs.
  • Medical Fitness Practitioners: For the first time in the history of healthcare, they have the ability to order blood work for their patients. LabSavvy simply provides the results in an elegant, digital interface. When lab tests are ordered at regular intervals, the medical fitness practitioner, patient and their doctor have valuable biomarker data to improve the quality of communication among all parties. In addition, the medical fitness practitioner has the ability to make better decisions of patient care and adjust medical exercise and nutrition therapies for accelerating health outcomes.
  • How it Works
  • Medical Fitness Practitioner creates the order through the LabSavvy Client Management Portal
  • Lab Reservation - Patient takes their printed order requisition to the nearest Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center for fulfillment.
  • Lab results are delivered to the patient’s LabSavvy mobile app (iOS and Android) within 1 or 2 days* of blood work.
  • User-Friendly Technology
  • The app’s elegant user interface allows users to:
  • Track their progress using LabSavvy’s patent-pending charting system
  • Access medical advisory board-approved education
  • Access personalized and curated articles
  • Communicate with their healthcare and medical fitness providers using a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform
  • Interested in learning more about how LabSavvy’s services can help your patients meet their health outcomes? Contact Us.