About Us


Our vision of HEALTHEFIT is to become healthcare’s preferred Medical Fitness Pharmacy while employing the largest number of Medical Fitness Practitioners in the world.


Our mission to integrate lifestyle medicine as a daily practice for health and healthcare.


HEALTHEFIT is a place where individuals, communities, and business partners alike, come to experience something special and aspire to improve the quality of healthcare for all. It is here where audiences are empowered to make lifestyle medicine cost effective. Together, we improve health outcomes for patients, lower costs for payers, and increase profitability for providers.


The value proposition for HEALTHEFIT exists in our meaningful use of lifestyle as medicine. Our evidence based medical fitness program is anchored to experienced leadership and operational excellence. Not to mention our consistency in producing positive functional outcome measures for patients. Our team is focused on providing the highest quality of medical fitness services through the integration of a scalable model, best practices, and leading technology.

Our infrastructure provides a population healthcare management system that creates winning solutions for individuals as well as business partners.

Meet Our T.E.A.M.